Alexei “Alex Ich” Ichetovkin has officially joined the Latin American organization BrawL as their starting Mid Laner. The move follows and BrawL’s decision to expand to the North American region and acquire Challenger team “We Love Shakira” and the player’s addition as a substitute in Team 8.  

“I am happy to join Team 8 as a substitute and hope it will help me prove myself again as top player. I also want to thank Team 8 for giving me this opportunity to join the NA competitive scene,” said Alex Ich about his move state-side and his inclusion into Team 8.

BrawL acquires alex ichThe move bolsters the roster that qualified to the NA Challenger Series qualifiers through the Ranked 5v5 ladder, as the ex-Gambit Gaming player brings a baggage of high-level shot-calling to the team. Pending his arrival to the United States, Altrum starts in the interim.

BrawL’s Co-Owner Christian Vielman said “”We’re very excited to have Alex Ich join our organization. With this new opportunity, Alex can demonstrate the high caliber player he once was known to be. Alex is a great character, intelligent, very mature with his priorities set on his family’s well being.”

Vielman continued, reiterating Ich’s love of family.”His primary motivational factors are more than anyone can ask for: His family and his love for the game.”

“We will give Alex as much support as possible for him to reach his goals in the North American competitive scene.”

A League of Legends veteran, Alex Ich built a reputation as one of the strongest mid laners in the Moscow Five era. Alex Ich sports career averages of 4.78 kills, 3.38 deaths and 4.98 assists, and sporting a 68.82% career Kill Participation ratio.

The mechanically sharp player has a proven shot-calling track record, carrying Moscow Five and Gambit Gaming to back-to-back World Championship appearances (Season 2 and Season 3) and winning international tournaments against Korean teams such as CJ Entus Blaze and Frost.

Alex Ich emerges from a tumultuous year. Upon departing Gambit Gaming citing issues within the team, the Russian mid laner led Ninjas in Pyjamas to an LCS Expansion Tournament berth. The team’s disbanding before the tournament left his future in question until his acquisition by BrawL.

“Many have doubted my competitiveness and level of play for a long time now, but I have a lot of motivation to prove them wrong,” added Alex Ich about his 2014 experience.

“I’m coming back with a lot of motivation, the support from my family, Team 8, and BrawL. I’m grateful for this new opportunity and will use it to become one of the top players in NA.”

Adel Chouadria is an Algerian writer with a heavy focus on eSports. He enjoys talking about basketball, video games, and matters ranging from silly to philosophical. You can follow him on Twitter at @HypeAlgerian

jJust fyi it says he was aquired by team Fusion in the third to last paragraph. Neat article giving a quick detail of Alex Ich's history to us NA followers.